Our story goes back more than half a century, and it’s definitely worth telling.  We were originally chartered as The Black Canyon Board of Realtors® in 1962. Later, we were known as the Montrose Board of Realtors®, and we changed our name to the Montrose Association of Realtors® in 1991. The Association was incorporated in 1975.


– Enhance the ability and opportunity of members to conduct their business successfully, professionally, ethically and profitably.
– Promote and preserve the right to own, transfer and use real property
– Increase REALTORS® professionalism, skills, knowledge, and community involvement.
– Reinforce the public’s awareness and confidence in REALTORS®.-To responsibly serve the public.


– To position all our members to meet the challenges now and in the future.


The Association serves as a resource to its members, providing education through easily accessible, highly valuable, and fairly priced educational opportunities. Through the association, we provide both live and on-line courses. Relevant educational programs improve the members’ ability to conduct their businesses in an ethical and professional manner. We will promote and participate in the National Association of REALTORS® REP (REALTORS® Excellence Program) that will strengthen the quality of services offered to buyers and sellers.


The Association promotes and participates in community service programs to engage members and to create a positive public image. MAR also has strong relationships with the media, allowing our communities to see the value our members bring to the process of buying and selling a home.