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MAR members learn plans for City of Montrose and new Rec Center


City Manager Bill Bell speaking at general membership meeting October 20th at the Bridges Golf & Country Club.  (Photo, John Leu, Fidelity Mortgage.)

The Montrose Association of Realtors General Membership Meeting was held at the Bridges, October 20, 2016.  Guest speakers from the City and the city Recreation District talked about what to expect in the near future and more comprehensive long-term plans.  [Read story here.]



L-R: Michael Underwood, Modene Gaulke, Christian Reece, Judi Snelling. (Photo, Kate Burke)

Club 20 discusses Colorado Ballot Initiatives

A meeting with Club 20 was held jointly by the Montrose Association of REALTORS and the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce, October 12, 2016, at the Chipeta Sun Lodge in Ridgway. The event was part of our ongoing efforts to participate in communities where our members work and reside. [Read story here]



myvote_graphicThanks for being a voter who cares about public education. Your vote is your voice. When we vote, our voice becomes unbeatable and it enables our community to support a Colorado where all children—regardless of where they live or how they learn—graduate prepared to lead their best lives.

Visit your one-stop shop for all you need to know about voting in Colorado.  You can mail in your ballot, vote in person or drop it off at your nearest polling location.  Get your voting questions answered here.

Every Colorado voter registered at their current address will receive a ballot in the mail starting this week. If you need to update your address in order to receive a mail ballot, visit  To find your nearest drop box or Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC), visit

colorado-flag-tnColorado ballot initiatives discussed

Wednesday, October 12, 9-11 am, at the club20logoChipeta Sun Lodge, Ridgway – Club 20  Executive Director, Christian Reece presented the pros & cons, and Club 20’s position on initiatives and propositions that will appear on your 2016 ballot. Members of the audience added their comments and concerns in a lively discussion.  The event was sponsored by MAR and Ridgway Chamber of Commerce.

Have you registered to vote yet?
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MAR donates $2000 to help BOYS & Girls in Montrose and Ouray Counties


Left, Sept. 19, 2016. MAR presents $1000 check to the Voyager Club, Ouray County. L-R: Danelle Hughes Norman, Voyage Program Director; Modene Gaulke, MAR Executive Director; Lisa Thomason, Voyage Executive Director; Judi Snelling, MAR BOD chair. (Photo, Dalton Carver, Ouray County Newspapers.)
Right, Sept 29, 2016. MAR presents $1000 check to Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club, Montrose. L-R: Martin T. Barrett, Executive Director, Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club; Debra Harmon, MAR Board Member; and, club members. (Kate Burke photo.)
The checks represent donations from MAR members and affiliates, furthering the relationship between the National Association of REALTORS® and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which are joining forces so America’s kids can continue to have a bright future



Let’s keep the state out of our businesses and away from our paychecks!

Amendment 69 hits your pocketbook directly and it could make Colorado less competitive. Let’s examine why this initiative is bad for your business and bad for REALTORS® specifically:

  • Amendment 69 hits your pocketbook directly and it could make Colorado less competitive. Let’s examine why this initiative is bad for your business and bad for REALTORS® specifically:
  • Business owners/LLC’s like you pay not once, but twice into the system. That’s 6.67% payroll tax on employers plus 3.33% payroll tax on employees totaling a 10% tax increase!
  • Not only will there be a 10% tax on every commission you earn, rental income property, investment property profits, but business owners like you will also pay 10% on all profits, even if those dollars are not withdrawn from the business.
  • There’s more – read your ‘Blue Book’ for additional information as to how passage of this amendment would impact individuals, employees, and business owners – both immediately, and as the amendment is implemented.
  • You can also find information on the Club 20 website. Club 20 is opposed to Amendment 69-Statewide Health Care System/Colorado Care because: “Amendment 69 proposes amending the Colorado Constitution to: establish ColoradoCare, a statewide system to finance health care services for Colorado residents; require that federal approval be  obtained before ColoradoCare is fully implemented and terminate ColoradoCare operations if the federal government does not grant approval sufficient for its fiscally sound operation; create new taxes on most sources of income, redirect existing state and federal health funding to pay for the services and administration of ColoradoCare, exempt ColoradoCare from constitutional limits on revenue, and require approval by Colorado residents for future tax increases; and establish a board of trustees, initially appointed and then elected, to oversee the operations of ColoradoCare.” (Quoted from the Club 20 website.)

This November, Vote No on ‘Colorado Care’ Amendment 69!