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A look at healthcare and schools in Montrose

audienceMay 4, 2017. At the MAR/Affiliates Quarterly Informational Meeting at the Bridges, John Leu, Fidelity Mortgage, introduced guest speakers Leanne Tobin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Montrose Memorial Hospital (MMH) and Robyn Shank, Executive Director, Peer Kindness.

Leann Tobin07Tobin shared information about the hospital’s ranking, role in the community and future plans for health care here.  The depth and breadth of MMH health care services is typically found only in the largest hospitals. Services are growing as the hospital adds new staff and innovative equipment such as a surgical robot. Montrose Memorial is the second-largest employer in Montrose County.

Shank, a former teacher, understands the problems schools face today, especially with bullying. She discussed how her organization hopes to help reduce bullying in schools by increasing awareness and encouraging students to report episodes. She urged parents, teachers, and community organizations to work together.


Lillard and officer2Stay Safe

Personal Safety is a big issue in many communities, even smaller ones like Montrose. There have been several attacks on persons outside of their offices in Montrose and Delat counties. Montrose Police Commander Gene Lillard and Officer Courtney Jones visited with MAR members and others about safety education. They discussed an increase in crime and suggested how to protect yourself in certain situations. A Realtor, showing a house, especially if they are alone, should make sure house is secure BEFORE entering, and always know where the nearest exit is and how to get out quickly. Flight is always preferable to fight, if possible. There was discussion of increased crime possibly associated with the now-allowable sale of marijuana here. Also discussed was the law regarding the use of concealed or open-carry weapons.

Officer Jones arrived after just having apprehended a woman who had stolen a number of cars and prior to capture, had raced through city streets in speeds exceeding 100 mph!
The meeting was open to the public and it was very informative.

Internet Marketing Classes
Continue in May

responsive exampleMAR is excited to announce a series of internet marketing classes, taught by experts in their fields, to learn how to use the internet to improve sales performance. Bottom line, does your website work on your tablet or phone?

Classes scheduled so far include:
Responsive Web Design (April 20 and Oct. 5)
Social Media Marketing (May 11 and Nov. 2)
Facebook Advertising (June 1 and Dec. 7)
E-blast (June 29)

REALTOR®s are depending more and more on digital technology. To help keep you on top of the latest in internet marketing, we’ve added a new ‘Techie Tab’ to the MAR website. Click here to get the latest information on how to build a better business using internet tools and technology.
May topic is Social Media Marketing.  MINIMUM 6 class attendees. Please pre-register online or by calling Modene.

Image: Responsive website design example  (K. Burke)  

Why be a REALTOR®?

Every REALTOR® makes a commitment to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. They are also required to complete a refresher course every four years (through NAR).
Only REALTORS® voluntarily subscribe to this Code of Ethics founded on professional service and fair treatment. This is an important distinction that sets a REALTOR® apart from an unaffiliated real estate sales person.

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