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Internet Marketing Classes at MAR

Learn how to use digital technology to improve sales performance
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2017 Internet Marketing Class Schedule. Fall/Winter class schedule

Social Media Marketing (Oct 5)
Responsive Web Design (Nov 2)
New: Twitter, Snapchat, UTube, Instagram  (Date TBA)
Facebook Advertising ( Dec. 7)
E-blast (Date TBA)

REALTOR®s are depending more and more on digital technology. To help keep you on top of the latest in internet marketing, we are offering classes in how to use social media to build your business.
* Minimum class size: 6 class attendees. Maximum class size: 20.  Please pre-register online or by calling Modene.
In order for me to be able to help everyone, if registration exceeds maximum class size, as woon as we have an additional 5 people, we will schedule a second date.

Internet Marketing classes are open to the public. Call 970-249-6213 to register. Meet 9-11 am, MAR building, 125 Merchant Drive, Montrose CO.
Continental breakfast served. $20/pp. Free to MAR and MWC members.

We also offer a monthly newsletter with links to helpful articles and suggestions for online social media marketing classes. Kate reviews the latest news and posts, selects the best, and shares them with you don’t waste your time on unhelpful, costly, or useless information. Sign up here if you wish to receive the Social Media Marketing newsletter.  (The SMM Newsletter is sent by class instructor, Kate Burke at San Juan Publishing.)

Note: Social Media for personal use – classes will also be posted here for those wishing to use social media for private use, and not for sales and marketing. We’ve had sufficient requests for this to schedule these classes, which may be held at an alternate location.

Internet marketing classes at MAR are taught by Kathryn R. Burke, marketing consultant, who has over 30 years experience in digital technology.

To help keep you on top of the latest in internet marketing, in this section, we will take a look at various online opportunities, including:

• E-blast newsletters: the ‘how to’ and what ‘not to do,’ including rules and regulations for sending them out.

• Video: how to make one. How to use it.

• VR (Virtual Reality): changing the way we market Real Estate.

• Screenshots: a picture is worth a thousand words, and on the internet, nobody wants to read the words. They want to see the pictures!

• Online tutorials: some help, some are a waste of time. Where do you find the good ones?

• Websites: why you need one. What works and what doesn’t. How much does it cost?

• Social media: from personal to professional. How to use it. What do these symbols mean?


Watch here as we add the latest and greatest on the already over-crowded internet highway.