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2017 May Affiliates Quarterly Meeting

A look at healthcare and schools in Montrose

audienceMay 4, 2017. At the MAR/Affiliates Quarterly Informational Meeting at the Bridges, John Leu, Fidelity Mortgage, introduced guest speakers Leanne Tobin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Montrose Memorial Hospital (MMH) and Robyn Shank, Executive Director, Peer Kindness.

Leann Tobin07Tobin shared information about the hospital’s ranking, role in the community and future plans for health care here.Ā  The depth and breadth of MMH health care services is typically found only in the largest hospitals. Services are growing as the hospital adds new staff and innovative equipment such as a surgical robot. Montrose Memorial is the second-largest employer in Montrose County.

Shank, a former teacher, understands the problems schools face today, especially with bullying. She discussed how her organization hopes to help reduce bullying in schools by increasing awareness and encouraging students to report episodes. She urged parents, teachers, and community organizations to work together.