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2017 CREN Policy 2.02

2.02 Policy for Expired/Due-to-Expire Real Estate License

It is CREN’s responsibility to protect everyone using the CREN MLS system. CREN, in essence, is guaranteeing that all agents participating in the system (Paragon MLS software) are actively licensed to practice real estate by the CREC.

CREN Staff will review an ‘Active Agent Audit’ on the first business day of each month for agents who have a real estate license due to expire within the next 90 days per the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

A courtesy notification will be emailed to the agent and their employing broker if their license is “Due to Expire” within the next 30 days.

If the agent’s Colorado real estate license shows “Expired” on the DORA website, their access to CREN MLS (Paragon software) will be denied active participation immediately by locking their account until the license is reinstated on the Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) website.

An email will be sent to the agent notifying them of their status and the actions taken. The agent’s employing broker and the local board will be CC’d on this email notification.

Even if an agent can prove they have sent in their application for reinstatement (along with required fees) to renew their license they still cannot have access to the CREN MLS system until the license is reinstated on the Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) website. Doing so would put the MLS and its Participants in a liability position.

The email will include contact information for updating licensing with the Colorado Division of Real Estate.

Section 2.02. Eligibility; Must offer or accept cooperation and compensation. (a) Any REALTOR® who is a principal, partner, corporate officer, or branch office manager acting on behalf of a principal, without further qualification, except as otherwise stipulated in these rules, shall be eligible to participate in MLS upon agreeing in writing to conform to the rules and regulations thereof and to pay the costs incidental thereto.* However, under no circumstances is any individual or firm, regardless of membership status, entitled to Multiple Listing Service “membership” or “participation” unless they hold a current, valid real estate broker’s license and offer or accept compensation to and from other Participants or are licensed or certified by an appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the appraisal of real property.**Use of information developed by or published by a Multiple Listing Service is strictly limited to the activities authorized under a Participant’s licensure(s) or certification and unauthorized uses are prohibited. Further, none of the foregoing is intended to convey “participation” or “membership” or any right of access to information developed by or published by a Board Multiple Listing Service where access to such information is prohibited by law. If at any time the license or certification of a participant required under this section is revoked, its participation shall immediately terminate, and access to the service by all its affiliate subscribers and other users shall also immediately terminate.