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2017 CO Legislative Review

CO-capitol-flagColorado Association of Realtors (CAR)

Commission and Division of Real Estate Sunset Review
CAR Sunset Recommendations:
• Additional CE requirements to address competency complaints
• Public advocate member of Commission
• Additional time and transactions for independent and managing brokers
• Forms moratorium should be continued

DORA’s Sunset Recommendations:
• 10 Legislative Recommendations
• 3 Administrative Recommendations
• Notable Recommendations:
• Rec. 2: Use of standard forms
• Rec. 3: Creation of license endorsement for property managers
• Rec. 4: Strengthen requirements to become an employing broker
• Rec. 7: Move license renewal to calendar year, not anniversary date
• Rec. 9: ACU course changes
• Rec. 10: Modify Commission’s composition to include a property manager
• Admin Rec. 2: Develop rules concerning transaction broker designation

Construction Defects Continued focus on:
• Notice to unit owners – impacts of litigation on property
• Informed consent – simple majority vote to proceed with litigation.
• Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation
• The coalition is tentatively going ahead with a very similar bill to SB15-177, which passed the Senate in 2015.

Home Inspector Registration:
DORA Sunrise Report Recommendations
• Require a license
• Pass a licensing test
• Pass a finger-print based criminal history background check
• Continuing education
• Seven-member board created to provide regulatory oversight
• Home Inspector registration that includes background checks and some sort of bonding will likely be the only thing we can pass this year. Bill has been introduced – SB17-038

Unlawful Possession of Property Legislation
Revision of forcible entry and detainer laws
• Establishment of temporary injunction procedure to remove
squatter until after resolution of eviction proceeding
• Requirement for storing squatter property
New crimes
• Unlawful occupancy by intentionally taking up residence or
provide it as a dwelling to another — (misdemeanor)
• Unlawful re-entry by reentering a property after it has been
recovered by the rightful property owner — (misdemeanor)

Other Issues
• Regulatory reform bills
• Water bills that were initiated last session
• Oil and Gas bills that were defeated last session
• Land destroyed by natural causes continued legislation
• Hospital Provider Fee
• Transportation funding and urban renewal bills
• Law Enforcement/Utility issues around illegal pot grows in homes
• Ag Land and Special Districts
• Affordable housing funding
• Doc fees