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2017 CAR Annual Spring Meeting Report

by  Modene Gaulke, Association Executive

A couple of hundred people enjoyed the CAR Spring meeting at the Four Seasons in Vail last week. The first thing on the agenda was Board training. Mark Trenka, the Chair of the CAR Board, spoke first. His goal is communication. He emphasized being an ambassador for and promoting the REALTOR® “R”. He said the mission of CAR is to protect the real estate industry and make REALTORS® more successful.

It was a great opportunity to find out more about the structure of CAR and the roles and expectations of the CAR Board of Directors. This training helped to increase the awareness of governance, financial structure, and the State board meeting agenda. It helped to equip participants to be more effective in board meetings.

CAR’s initiatives for 2017 are:

Circle the “R” on your business cards when handing them out.

Membership Outreach.

Being great stewards of CAR resources.

Leadership Training.

Professional Training/opportunities for leadership.

Profile of Colorado REALTORS® and their needs.

Strengthen the association by –

Retaining current members

Keeping members involved

Recruiting new members.

Scott Peterson, CAR General Counsel, then gave an overview of 10 topical legal/risk management considerations currently impacting real estate licensees. Scott will be in Montrose on October 21 for a joint session with MAR and the Delta Board of REALTORS®. In addition to the 10 things class, he will teach a CE class on “Flirtin’ with Disaster” and a class on Marijuana in Colorado. All of the classes will be on the same day and all will carry CE credits.

Craig Zablocki was the keynote speaker at a group luncheon. His program was all about what it takes to be an effective leader today. He said it’s a person who leads by example; a person who can take themselves lightly when leading from purpose; a person who is willing to be vulnerable and champion others; a person who can own their “stuff”; someone who taps into their innate creativity, joy, and passion and helps others do the same. They know how to get results.

Following that, Clara Capano was the speaker for a class titled “Ninja Leadership Course”. She talked about how great managers turn talent into performance. She focused on the 5 keys to effective leadership which are: alignment, vision, customer focus, culture, and how to effectively lead change.

The first evening concluded with a reception where more networking took place. Networking is one of the hugest benefits of attending events such as this.

The next day began with an MLS Forum where Greg Zadel spoke about Upstream, a broker initiative where listings are input at one source and then they go out to various MLS’s and wherever the broker chooses. He also mentioned RESIS standards whereby MLS’s can talk together.

Greg has been part of an MLS consolidation workgroup. Around 100 have consolidated thus far. The number of MLS’s has reduced from 800 to 700. NAR has put together a workgroup that can go around the country and give help in consolidation. NAR has no position on consolidation of MLS’s.

A big announcement is that Zillow group is no longer allowing individuals to input listings because the information has not been kept up to date. He said NAR does not intend to become involved in this issue.

One of the questions the workgroup is asking has to do with MLS of Choice. Should it be by the office level, MLS level, or individual level? They believe it should be by the individual, such as is Board of Choice.

IDX Electra has developed Voice IDX. The NAR committee is starting to look at that. NAR is also updating lockbox rules.

NAR now has patent troll insurance.

Greg cautioned people to pay attention to copy write violations. People are being charged up to $30,000 per violation. He said has 5 minute videos that can be shown at office meetings on who owns photographs and who can get them. They also have 3 photography agreements on line regarding terms of use.

REColorado and IRES are having discussions about how they might be able to consolidate Denver Metro and Northern Colorado. They did not disclose much information at this time because it isn’t available.

Shareholder representatives from REColorado and IRES will be meeting on or before May 5. Those shareholders will be giving direction to their respective Chairs on one MLS and how to vote.

Greg Zadel said the broker group feels there should be one source from which to get our MLS.

Amy Reid, formerly of CAR and now CEO of Pikes Peak Association, stated that one can get data through RPR share. The MLS can determine what information to share.

Greg mentioned that coming soon is the biggest thing in his area up North. Their MLS allows this to be put in a couple of days prior to the actual listing. It must state “no showings until ______.” He also said that NAR has a video by their General Counsel Katy Johnson, on pocket listings/coming soon.

Pikes Peak has a 72 hour rule. Having a sign on the property is between the seller and the broker. If there is a complaint about the sign, they can require the listing to be put in the MLS and they can fine $100.

CAR also has a video on coming soon.

According to a survey of MLS executives, Zadel said, the number one question is why is policing the business of the MLS. He stated that if it has to do with a listing, MLS Rules apply – it falls under IDX.

Another issue discussed is competency. The Real Estate Commission has a new rule E-47 addressing this. Article 11 of the Code of Ethics also addresses competency.

During the Association Executive Forum that happened next, Ted Leighty of CAR gave a legislative update which is included in the weekly Capitol Connection that CAR sends out. He did mention that the Commission changed license dates so that each time a license expires, they will be staggered to a calendar year.

CAR’s Professional Development Director, gave a report on remaining relevant, although there was no definite suggestion on how to do that. She mentioned increasing our value proposition, creating non-dues revenue, meeting NAR core standards, attracting the next generation of members, and delivering products and services with a high value and relevance.

CAR has partnered with REGW, a continuing education program that is fun for real estate professionals. Currently, on line education is boring and monotonous. The REGW program is not. Special pricing is available for participants. 12 hours of education is $89; 9 hours is $69; 6 hours is $59; and 5 hours is $39. CAR is extending its partnership to local boards and there is a low cost opportunity to participate. There is a $400 one-time set up fee and we can use a customized logo. MAR signed up to receive more information on this program.

Jonathan Griggs, the IT person at CAR, then spoke on technical threats. He said that MAC computers are not currently subject to viruses because most offices use Windows.

In the district caucus on Thursday morning, we heard information about a federal tax reform bill that could do away with 1031 exchanges and elimination of MID on 2nd homes. We will be doing some research on these because the information we have at this time is scarce.

Some changes took place during the Professional Standards meeting and were announced at the Board meeting. It was mentioned that 16 ethics and 8 arbitration cases have been filed thus far in 2017 with CAR. An arbitration fee will be refunded to both parties if notice of withdrawal is received prior to setting a hearing. $250 refunded if notice is received within 3 days. $150 if less than 3 days. Zero if on day of hearing.

A redistricting study is currently going on.

In 2021, CAR will enjoy its 100th anniversary. They will be going back to the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for that Fall Meeting and the following two years.