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2018 vacancies LPC and CARPAC


2018 Legislative Policy Committee (LPC).

CAR Legislative Policy Committee will meet primarily January – May to review, prepare, and make decisions based upon legislation that will be or has been introduced in the 2018 Colorado Legislative Session. If you would like to serve, or nominate a member, complete the entire form and return to Modene.  Each applicant, including existing members, must include a letter of recommendation from their local Board/Association, as well as a summary of political involvement, area(s) of expertise, or relationships they may have with public or advocacy groups/coalitions.
Click on link to download pdf form.  2018 LPC Application Form
More information and a full committee description can be found online by visiting and clicking on the “Political Advocacy” tab.

2018 CAR Political Action Committee (CARPAC).

The CAR Political Action Committee (CARPAC) members are charged with managing and distributing RPAC funds for local and state candidates and issues, supporting grassroots and lobbying efforts, and educating REALTOR® members on matters of public policy.  CARPAC will, at a minimum, meet at least monthly in odd-numbered years and may meet more frequently during even-numbered election years. If you would like to serve or nominate a member, please complete the entire form and include any additional information you wish to share with the CAR regarding your appointment. Return form to Modene.

The CARPAC vacancies are as follows:
(1) Metro District – 4 year term
(1) Western District – 4 year term
(2) Southeast District – 4 year term
(1) At-Large Position – 4 year term

Click on link to download pdf form. 2018 CARPAC Application Form

Application deadline for both LCP and CARPAC is August 18, 2017.  Appointments are made by the 2018 CAR Chair.  The first LPC and CARPAC meetings will be held on Thursday, October 5th at CAR’s Fall Conference.

You must be a member of MAR to make an application. If you are interested in submitting an application for either of these committees, please complete the forms and take them to Modene.